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Fr. Tom Whitman
St. Joseph Pastor

  From the Pastor's Desk
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

We will celebrate the anointing of the sick at all the Masses on the weekend of October 13 & 14. We ask those taking part in this sacrament to stop at the table as you enter and have a name tag made and sit toward the end of the pew.

Just some reminders about who is eligible for this anointing:
• A person who becomes ill and the illness becomes more serious;
• A person may be anointed before surgery whenever a serious illness is the reason for the surgery;
• Elderly people may be anointed if they have become notably weakened even though no serious illness is present;
• Sick children are to be anointed if they have sufficient use of reason to be strengthened by this sacrament. In a case of doubt whether a child has reached the use of reason, the sacrament is to be conferred;
• Some types of mental illness are now classified as serious. Those who are judged to have a serious mental illness and who would be strengthened by the sacrament may be anointed (depression, paranoia, etc.). In case of doubt as to whether the illness is serious or not, the person should be anointed.

Mark Friday, January 18, 2019 on your calendar! We will be holding another parish comedy night consisting of dinner, professional comedians with clean humor. These have been wonderful evenings and hope you will consider joining us for this year’s event. Invite family, friends and neighbors. Tickets will be on sale soon – consider them as stocking stuffers for Christmas.

On Friday, November 2, at 7:00pm we will hold our annual All Souls Service in the church. We invite families and individuals who have lost a loved one since last All Souls Day to come and pray together for those who have died and to pray for those who continue to mourn their loss.

The Office of the Tribunal and Matrimonial Concerns is once again taking our services on the road and offering information sessions for persons in need of an annulment. We ask all priests, deacons, and lay persons in pastoral ministry to please invite anyone whom you know to be in need of an annulment to consider attending one of the following sessions:

• October 10, 2018, at St. Boniface Church, Kersey
• October 17, 2018, at St. Michael Church, Emlenton
• October 24, 2018, at Sacred Heart Church, Erie

All sessions will begin at 6:30 PM and will include a presentation on the annulment process and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with members of the tribunal staff to answer individual questions..

We are in the process of taking bids for cutting grass at both St. Mary Cemetery and St. Rose Cemetery. If you are interested in bidding this job please contact the Cemetery at 724-346-3711.

In December a few members of Parish Council will be completing their terms and we are looking for people who may be interested in serving in their place. If there is someone you would like to nominate, or if you wish to nominate yourself, please write their/your name on a piece of paper, place it in an envelope and drop it the collection basket or at the parish office by November 4.

To be eligible to serve on council:

• You need to be a registered member of St. Joseph Parish for at least one year,
• You must be at least 18 years of age and have been confirmed,
• You cannot be a parent, child, or cohabitant of any other member of Council.

The readings today invite us to reflect on where real wisdom comes from and what it is.
The first reading comes from the book of Wisdom which seems to be a tribute to Solomon and the fact that he prayed for wisdom rather than wealth or power. The wisdom he prayed for and received made Solomon the envy of those who had power and wealth. Wisdom is a gift from God that promises a rich life, but it never equates a rich life with material wealth.

The second reading comes from the letter to the Hebrews and speaks about God’s Word (which we often equate with Jesus) being a living and effective word, not simply a sound. Just as words can be what unite us when we are separated by great distances, the living word of God is a way to keep us connected to God and God’s presence with us. But this word also has the power to penetrate the depths of our person and our soul. It is a word that invites us to ponder its deeper meaning within us, to be more present to our inner life, more present to the reality of God at the core of our being. It invites us to ponder who we really are at the depth of our person.

In the gospel today there are some little details that we need to keep in mind – Jesus is leaving the town and on his journey to Jerusalem, his journey to the cross. As Jesus is leaving the town this man corners Jesus to ask him a question. Why he waited until Jesus was leaving town is worth pondering – was the humbleness of his life so real that he didn’t want to ask this in front of the crowd for fear that they might think he was bragging? Or was he afraid of what Jesus might say or ask of him? Nevertheless his question is about goodness and Jesus reminds us that only God is good. We might also deduce that because God is good, God only makes good things. There is something good in this man that Jesus acknowledges by looking at him “with love.” The man’s searching for God and for goodness in his life is what Jesus invites all of us to at the core of our being. Jesus hopes that we can recognize the goodness of who we are and at the same time recognize that the goodness at our core is really God’s presence within us. I suspect that this man didn’t expect Jesus to ask him to hand over his possessions in order to find greater holiness. I wonder if today Jesus might ask us to hand over what we take for granted as our “privileged” positions in life. Because of where we have been born, our family history, our gender, the color of our skin, the good fortune we may have had, and the list goes on and on; we might examine how privileged we are in life and whether or not letting go of privilege or even acknowledging it might be what Jesus asks us to “give up” in order to follow him.

The readings today invite us to consider what we desire most in life and what we would be willing to give up in order to be more closely connected to the way that Jesus invites us to live.


Mass Schedule

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Saturday: 5:15 pm (Vigil)

Sunday: 8:30 am and 11:00 am


Baptism: Baptisms are scheduled by appointment. Class is required for first time parents. Please call the church office to schedule your class. No baptisms during Lent and Advent.

Reconciliation: Saturday afternoons, 4:00-4:30 pm. Confessions at other times by appointment.

Matrimony: By appointment six months in advance.

Sacrament of Holy Orders: Some men fulfill God's call to holiness by serving as priests or permanent deacons. Men, high school age or older, who feel God may be calling them to pursue the Sacrament of Holy Orders should contact our parish priest.


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA): Please call the rectory office.

Prayer Line: For intentions, please call 724-342-3456.

Religious Education Program: CCD Grades K-11, at Case Avenue Elementary, Sundays 9:30 am -10:45 am (during the school year).

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