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Fr. Tom Whitman
St. Joseph Pastor

  From the Pastor's Desk
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Last summer St. Joseph sponsored a raffle with the top prize being $10,000. We will be holding a similar raffle this Fall with tickets selling for $100. Tickets are now on sale in the church office Monday-Friday during weekday office hours. Only 500 tickets will be sold! For your convenience there are ticket reservation forms at each entrance for anyone to fill out and return with payment by mailing it to the church office or dropping it in the Sunday collection. The office will then process your ticket and return your ticket stub by mail. New this year will be that for each ticket sold, one person will be admitted to a dinner on October 1, where the raffle will take place. We are also looking for volunteers to help sell the Fall Raffle Tickets. If you would like to help sell tickets, please come see me (Fr. Tom) after Mass or stop by the church office during the week.

The second collection this weekend is the Catholic Education Collection. Half of this collection stays here in the parish to support our religious education program..

Bishop Persico has asked us to take up a special collection the weekend of September 24-25 for the victims of the flooding in Louisiana.

Tricky readings this weekend. The first reading from the book of Amos comes from a situation where people who are wealthy can’t wait for the Sabbath day of rest to be over so they can go back to making more money. The poor hope the Sabbath never ends because they have to go back to work in order to earn enough to survive. The wealthy, in this situation, have made their wealth by cheating the poor and can’t wait to get back at it by fixing the scales to their advantage and selling a poor man for a pair of sandals. Amos speaks out, not so much against their wealth, but against the fact that they have obtained their wealth in dishonest ways.

The gospel picks up on this theme if we translate all the words correctly. I will spare you the details. When Jesus says you cannot serve both God and Mammon, one possible translation could be, “You cannot serve both God and dishonest wealth.” This would make sense if this gospel were chosen to parallel the first reading, which is usually the case. Jesus is not condemning wealth, but condemning those who achieve their wealth in dishonest or unjust ways.

The second reading asks us to pray for those in authority. Our prayer might be for them to use their authority in just and fair ways that benefit all people, not just a chosen few or a select group. The reading also reminds us that Jesus is the one who has paid our debt for sin. Our Eucharistic celebration each week is the prayer of Thanksgiving for that gift which is beyond all price and all measure, freely given in order for us to commune with God. Do we want to choose to serve dishonest wealth or a God who will go to no end in order to keep us close?


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